Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well Mr. Plum, That's a Wrap.

The other day I felt like having a wrap. How nice is it to hold your salad in an edible container? Pretty nice I say.
I've made lots of crackers and breads but not really any wraps. My first shot at it was a success! Check the recipe.

Zucchini Dill Wraps

2 large zucchini
¼ cup olive oil
1/8 cup braggs
some parsley
some dill, mostly large stems (great way to use up the stems)
¼ cup sesame seeds, raw, white
½ cup ground chia seeds + 1-2 tbsp
1 fairly large leek, white and light green part only
6 green onions

Process all in food processor for a while. If you have a seven cup processor like me, or smaller, you may need to do this in shifts 'cause it won't all fit. Spread on teflex sheets (3-6 depending on size of anticipated wrap). Circular spreads - see picture below. Flip after about 4-6 hours. Dehydrate another hour or so. Keep a good eye on it, those edges will crisp up in no time and you want it to be very bendy, not crisp. This wrap was the size of my torso. I used 3 teflex sheets, one wrap on each. Next time I'll make smaller ones.

If you aren't using them right away, roll them up and put them in some sort of plastic (eew gross I'm sorry!) to keep them soft.

Even though this wrap was huge, there was still room for pie. There is always room for pie.

How amazing are red heart plums?! So juicy and sweet. So so lovely. I got a bunch from the fruit truck the other week and made this pie. Sure, the agar agar part isn't raw, but I didn't plan on making this pie, so I didn't have any soaked irish moss on hand.

Of course I didn't write it down, so this is a basic guideline. The pie was so simple to make you can just play around with these ingredients and get something awesome.

Red Heart Plum Pie

I just took a bunch of nuts like almonds and pecans and pulsed them with date paste (dates processed in a food processor with orange juice, lemon juice or water) and a bit of sea salt and coconut oil until I had a crust that held together. Don't over-process nuts though or they will get very oily and turn to nut butter. Press in pie shell and place in fridge until the filling is ready.

approx 8-10 very ripe red heart plums
finely chopped zest from about 1/4 of a lime, maybe more
juice from half of a lime
a couple drops of liquid stevia or agave to sweeten
1/2 cup of water
2 tsp of agar agar flakes(to be honest, I can't remember how much agar I put in)

Skin the plums and eat the skin. Chop the flesh into random small bits (mine were so mushy they pretty much fell apart on their own). If your plums aren't that mushy, place in food processor and pulse until broken down but still a bit chunky. Place in bowl and add stevia/agave, zest and lime juice. Taste for sweetness. I can't remember if I added a pinch of sea salt...
Bring the water to a boil on the stove. Add the agar agar flakes and stir well. Keep on the heat for a minute or so. Remove from heat and make sure it looks like it is getting thicker. If you are not confident this mixture will slightly solidify your plums then add more agar while it is still hot. Allow the agar agar to cool slightly (so it won't make the plums hot). Add to plum mixture, stir well and pour in pie shell. Place in fridge for a few hours to set.

I topped this bad boy with fresh mango lime cashew cream consisting pretty much just of lime juice and zest, a really ripe mango, cashews, lucuma powder, sea salt and water blended in a vita mix until smooth.

Hope you can still get red plums from your local farmers market, they are all done for the season here. Bye bye till next year special plums.

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