Saturday, August 6, 2011

Something Quick to Tide You Over

I had a bunch of fruit to use up this morning but I didn't want to run the risk of elevating my blood sugar too much (for me this means itchy skin and rashes) so I came up with this bizarre concoction that is full of protein to balance the sugars and actually tastes pretty great!

I had one realllly ripe banana and I threw it in the blender with the rest of my hemp protein (about 1/4 cup), threw in some true cinnamon which also helps balance blood sugar (about 1 tsp), a handful of raw hazelnuts, a dash of water to get the mixture blending, about 3/4 tsp ground vanilla beans and a couple drops of vanilla liquid stevia.
I blended this to a nice thick paste.

In a bowl I put:
a handful of hazelnuts
a handful of cocoa nibs
a handful of raw shredded coconut
a handful of fresh blueberries
a handful of gogi berries
2 small fresh apricots, cut into chunks

Then I poured the banana goo over top and I'm eating it right now.

There was a lot of energy in this breakfast because I just left this post open and ran around the house and cleaned up before returning to finish writing...

Anyway, just something quick to tide you over before I tell you how I made the Peaches + Cream Pie.

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