Monday, January 28, 2013

Save It For Every Day

Ok, I have a really simple one for you today. Easier than pie. Even easier than thinking about making pie. Today we are preserving lemons!

I was making a caesar salad the other day and realized there were no preserved lemons in house. Oh boy. Think quick... ... ... these things can take 3 months to fully cure, which is the exact opposite of quick.

So I zested a few lemons.
I put the zest in a jar.
I juiced those same lemons and strained the juice into the jar.
Himalayan salt was added in a generous amount, to that very jar.
The lid was placed on the jar.
The counter held the jar. For 24 hours.

Hold on a second. Did I just make preserved lemon zest in 24 hours?! Yesssss.

Well well, if this isn't a food-altering moment... (yes, pun intended).

Put them in the fridge after 24 hours. They will stay nice and bright.
As you can see, the ones that are more brown were probably left out a little bit too long (about a week) and they also have a bit of organic cane sugar in them. When they get this colour they are still edible but not as nice or fresh tasting. I've come to prefer the ones without sugar, as per the vague recipe above.

Put these zests on everything. They make everything better, every day.

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