Sunday, June 20, 2010

Raw Anniversary

Can you believe it has been only one year (and 9 days) since I first discovered raw food? On June 11th, 2009 I went for dinner at Pure Food and Wine in NYC with my mom. I didn't know anything about the place let alone why anyone would bother to eat only raw food. Were they bad at paying the power bill? Were raw food consumers just lazy? Maybe it was a good movement for old people so they didn't have to remember to turn the stove off?

As soon as I sat down at the table in the small red room I knew this place was special. When I told the server my allergies and he came back from the kitchen with only 3 things crossed off the menu that I could not eat, I knew this place was extra special. I won't bore you with the details but pretty much everything from the first martini and mache salad with truffle oil (and perfect salt) to the organic wine selection and stunning dessert was mind-blowing.

This was my meal, the White Corn Tamales with raw cocoa mole, marinated portobellos and green tomato salsa, and my mom's Zucchini and Green Zebra Tomato Lasagna with basil-pistacio pesto, tomato sauce and pignoli ricotta. (bad old flash camera, but you get the point).

I couldn't believe I found out about this place on the LAST day of my NYC vacation.

My mom didn't hesitate to buy me the restaurant owner's book "Raw Food Real World" and I didn't hesitate to buy a dehydrator as soon as I got home.

The only problem now is that all the other raw places that I eat at do not compare (and they all use so much garlic!). I started with the cream of the crop... but maybe I would not have been so excited about raw food if it wasn't so overwhelmingly awesome.

Anyway, although this blog is for me to post my experiments in the kitchen, I thought I would pay respect to the place that gave me the spark just a short year ago.

I have made almost all of the recipes from Sarma's two books and they are always amazing. Here is a picture of the green coconut curry I made a while ago from her book Raw Food Real World.

...and the entire Christmas dinner I made this past Christmas from her book "Living Raw Food". I certainly did have seconds and thirds.

Ok bed time.

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