Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yellow Day

It is a yellow day. Not only because the sun has finally made an appearance here in Banff, but also because I decided to make raw banana bread - yipee! (I LOVE banana bread but have not been able to eat it for the past 2 years)

Remember - no sugar, no flours, no idea how to do this...

Ok so I had sprouted some quinoa on the counter last night and knew I wanted to incorporate that. There were three pretty ripe bananas on the counter... but what to use for the bulk... check the fridge... carrots! Ok, here we go:

2 bananas
1 cup raw walnuts
1/2 cup carrot pulp left over from juicing

Place all in food processor and pulse until just combined and walnuts are broken down but not into smooth butter. Transfer to bowl.


1/3 cup ground chia seeds
1/8 tsp ground vanilla beans
pinch or two sea salt
pinch cinnamon
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1/4 cup sprouted quinoa (Soak quinoa on counter for 6 or so hours in glass jar or sprouting jar. Drain and Rinse. Let stand overnight in dark place to sprout in the jar. Rinse and use)
3 drops of vanilla flavoured stevia liquid

Mix all with a spoon until well combined and spread onto teflex sheet, about an inch or inch and a half thick. Slice the third banana and place on top. Dehydrate at 100-105 for about 5 hours, flip off onto mesh screen and dehydrate until you feel it is done. I just sliced into mine after 5 hours on the teflex and 1 hour on the mesh and it was quite moist inside. Tasty, but I would like to see how it turns out when kept in for longer. Let you know later tonight!


Might add some home made chocolate chips next time or dried coconut flakes. Overall, I think this recipe is a success. Some of you sugar-eaters may want to add dates (and yes, I realize that bananas and carrots have lots of natural sugars... Yum!)

UPDATE: JULY 15 - So I had something really strange going on with my taste buds where everything was bitter and gross - everything I ate for 3 days! I'm not sure if this recipe is actually good or if it was the reason my taste buds were so messed up (don't think so based on the ingredients but you never know). Anyway, I have decided that this recipe was NOT a success. Please don't try this at home haha.

Check out this ant I almost stepped on in Revelstoke last Tuesday - He is carrying a flower! (It is not a yellow flower, so I stepped on him immediately after this photo. Hope he learned his lesson)

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