Monday, August 2, 2010

Green is the new Green

I drink smoothies every morning, not because I hear they are good for me (that ads to the charm though), but because they taste awesome. You can have one every day for the rest of your life and always experience a different flavour combination. They make me feel really good too, and full for hours. I made a pretty good one this morning so I'll share that recipe along with a few others.

Melon Lemongrass Breakfast Drink

1/2 cantaloupe
about 3-4 cups of baby spinach
approx. 1 inch long slice fresh lemongrass
2 thin carrots
about 1 cup water or coconut water
2 drops vanilla liquid stevia (or whatever sweetener you want + some vanilla bean)

Blend thoroughly in high speed blender until smooth. I'm not sure how it would turn out with a normal (not vita mix) blender because the lemongrass might be hard to pulverize.

Spinach Papaya Black Raspberry Shake

If you are fortunate enough to have those smaller orange-inside papayas available, use them in this recipe. My friend Jackie sent me a box of papayas in the mail this winter from Hawaii (best day of my life so far) so I got to experience their magical flavour.

2+ cups baby spinach
1 frozen banana (or fresh, whatever)
½ - ¾ cup black raspberries, frozen
1 cup brazil nut milk (1 cup brazil nuts and 4 cups water, blend, strain, put rest in fridge for other days)
1 cup or so water
½ teaspoon spirulina
1 teaspoon camu camu powder (optional, added vit. C)
some goji berries
½ orange inside papaya


So I don't have any pictures for this smoothie or the next because I didn't make them today (or recently) but keeping with the Hawaii talk, this is a lady (right) on the Big Island who has a fruit stand just off the road on the way from the south to Kona. (Girl on the left is Jackie). She grows all her own organic fruit and nuts and also sells dehydrated fruit (that she dries herself, raw!) Major unexpected highlight of the trip. (nerdy, I know)

The green fruit in the far left corner is called a Cherimoya - a.k.a. the best fruit on the planet. If you ever see one of these, you must purchase/pick it. Check out the fresh cacao fruit on the bottom right!

Tea-less Green Tea Shake

I came up with this shake when I was staying away from all sugary fruit (ha, like that lasted long) and it actually tasted like greet tea.

2 thin org. carrots
approx. 1 cup big leaf spinach
approx. ½ tbsp chlorella
juice from 1.5 small lemons
1-2 dandelion stems/leaves
fresh coconut water
pinch sea salt


One more...

Green Pina Colada

meat from 2 young thai coconuts
water from 2 young thai coconuts
1/2 fresh pineapple
2-4 cups baby spinach
1/4 vanilla bean or 3 drops vanilla stevia liquid
2 tablespoons melted coconut oil

Vita Mix.

This was purchased from a guy on the side of the road selling coconuts and passion fruit. He climbed the palms himself to get the coconuts earlier that day.

I don't always add spinach as my green, but if you want to taste the fruit and other flavours then spinach is mild enough to let those others shine through. Cilantro is always a nice addition, as is cucumber, which ads to the bulk and water content of the shake. Other things I commonly add to fruit smoothies are: raw black sesame seeds (calcium), hemp protein or hemp hearts (protein, build/maintain lean muscle, brain + healthy skin, aids cardio, immune + nervous system function), coconut oil(anti-fungal/bacterial/viral, weight loss, reduces risk of heart disease, improves digestive disorders, protects liver from alcohol damage, rejuvenates skin/prevents wrinkles), pumpkin seeds (zink), cinnamon (balances blood sugar) and macca powder (balances hormones, increases energy).

Check out my friend Jonas' blog too. He is in a band from Toronto that just toured the west and they stayed with me for a night. I made them breakfast and we hiked a small mountain.

Bye for now.

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  1. Ya Ju!!!
    Those parfaits and watermelon-cuke juices/smoothie things were amazing.
    I'm drinking a smoothie myself RIGHT NOW (I make one most mornings too).
    My recipes are much simpler and I have to admit I'm kind of scared of putting spinach in... the fruity flavour is just SO good...