Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sweet Seconds

Sweet Seconds fo sho! Number two farmer's market was truly a raw success. I sold out of wraps, crackers and fruit rolls by about 1pm!
You know... it really makes me happy to feed people and make them happy... is that lame? I'm glad I can introduce raw food to people who eat a standard american diet and they don't turn their nose up and say "ugh why would I want to eat that", they say "wow, I'll take another one of those".

I'm not trying to convert people, just trying to make people realize that real food can be some of the best stuff ever. I'm not crazy for eating the way I do, I swear (%$^&).

So many friends, after trying my food have said "you know, when I think about what you eat I think you must have the most bland food on the planet, but now that I've tried your food, it's awesome!" - and I'm not trying to toot my own horn here, that would be weird, maybe I'm just happy that I'm not actually crazy, and I don't have defective taste buds.

A couple of cool things happened this week at the market. A 'chocolate fanatic' lady who was hesitant to buy my dark chocolate last week because it is $6/bar broke down and got one. This week she came back and said "I lost 10 mins of my life last week because I was in heaven, that is the best chocolate I've ever had in my life!" How awesome is that?!
The second thing is a couple of raw food eaters from Canmore came and bought some wraps, crackers, fruit rolls and chocolate and went off into the park. They came back about a half hour later and bought the rest of my wraps, fruit rolls and some more crackers and chocolate! They were so nice and I'm glad I could feed them.

I'm in full production mode right now, making lots more so hopefully I don't sell out mid-day next week.

Let me tell you a little about my food this week:
The fruit rolls were banana cinnamon w/ B.C. hazelnut and raw cocoa filling, apple strawberry orange w/ raw almond vanilla nut butter and B.C. cherry and cantaloupe w/ the same almond vanilla butter. Deadly good.

The wraps were the same and I also made my fave BBQ tomato & onion crackers. In an effort not to waste any of my pre-printed labels I ended up having the same graphics on the wraps label and the crackers label, how embarrassing haha, I changed the colours slightly but didn't have time to draw a new label for the mango onion wraps. Are you sleeping yet? Picture time.

I made a new body scrub with vanilla beans and spearmint + peppermint essential oils, I was really stoked on the package for this one. I drew a mint leaf, duplicated it and then drew a vanilla bean. I stuck the vanilla bean in the middle and blam, I had an unintentional butterfly. How girly. I love it.

The same blueberry rooibos 'blue suede brew' white chocolate was there and the 'some like it hot' chipotle cinnamon dark chocolate made an appearance.

I made pretty signs to draw more attention to the items on the table and to educate peeps about my stuff...

Ok so no recipe this week but next week I'll have some new things and will post a recipe. I can't give all my secrets away! Very exciting news though: I found a source for frozen ORGANIC young coconut meat in Vancouver and they do overnight shipping! I'm getting some shipped Monday- holy crap if you could see the smile on my face right now. Imagine all the possibilities...

Thanks for your support Banff & beyond, you're awesome!

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