Sunday, July 3, 2011

Market Me

Hey fellow food eaters!
It is finally summer here in Banff and I'm getting really excited for the farmer's market that I will be a part of. Too bad the town, the health board and the cosmos are doing everything in their power to ensure it is a bumpy ride.
The market isn't a 'certified farmer's market' just yet so all food has to be made in a commercial kitchen, and if you want to give samples of your food you have to spend tons of money on containers that have lids and you need a hand washing station... so much for a simple market. Reminds me of life these days... helmet wearing laws for bikes and skateboards - our impossibly bubble-wrapped society. C'mon people, live a little, eat some food that has been created in your neighbors kitchen! If we lived in Cuba all we would have to do to get the flies off and sanitize would be to splash a little rum on the food. Then again the Cubans are just getting into cell phones so what do they know...

All bitching aside, I am looking forward to this. I have a bunch of things I want to make but am open to suggestions as well. Eventually I will be making my own stone-ground nut butters + raw nutella-type spreads, chocolate, mustards, coconut butters, etc., but the stone grinder I just bought and brought back from San Francisco this week broke on the plane so I have to wait for the airline to replace it. Luckily I'm really extra smart and know how to make chocolate and mustard sans stone grinder.

I think I will also make my favorite BBQ crackers

perhaps some 'green chips'

maybe some seasoned raw nuts like sour cream and onion almondspumpkin pudding/pie and maybe simple things like fruit leathers. Any suggestions?

I won't be selling glowfood at this upcoming week's market (July 6th) but I will be at the following one.

See you soon!

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